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Project Cloud Forest Reptiles

If you choose to help reptiles in cloud forests with your purchase we donate a part of the profits of mySauria to the organization Cloud Forest Dragons, which is dedicated to protect the biodiversity of reptiles and amphibians in mesophilic forests.
We work together with this organization on a project in the Sierra de Taxco Guerrero in which they build reptile hiding places in the forest to increase the population density of endangered species and promote information about the different reptiles emphasizing that most of them are not dangerous and do not pose any danger to the villagers, their children and their animals.

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Cloud Forest Dragons

abronia deppii

Marine Turtle Project

If you choose to help sea turtles with your purchase there are two organizations that receive this money. We support an international organization called (click on the link to learn more about their work).
And also a turtle camp in Tierra Colorada Guerrero. Timo, the founder of mySauria, volunteered there when he was in college. He experienced first hand the important work that the biologists do at this camp.
Here is a video documenting the delivery of materials to the turtle station that were purchased with donations from mySauria customers.