The Jewellery

The Sauria jewelry finds its inspiration in the almost infinite universe of colors and shapes of our nature. Sometimes very directly, sometimes as an abstract reflection. At Sauria Jewelry, it’s not just about creating unusual yet affordable pieces of jewelry, but above all about guaranteeing you a high level of comfort. You shouldn’t only look good with our jewelry, but above all you should also feel good.

Nature conservation

Sauria Jewellery is not only committed to the design of nature. When you get so much inspiration, it’s easy to give something back. Therefore, it supports Sauria with your help animal and conservation projects. Decide on every piece of jewellery, Was you buy who you want to help. So in the future you will not only wear a beautiful new earring or appendages
r, s
ondern stay through your trinket connected with the small sea turtles or the ancient tree giants in the rainforest that you protected when you bought.

The team

Felix is the manager of our small jewelry workshop.
Mari does our office work and packs your jewelry.
Pepe implements the Sauria jewelry ideas on the computer and thus realizes the first models of our collections.
Sonja is one of our saleswomen who helps us again and again at trade fairs and Christmas markets when she does not spend her time on her university books.

The Founder

Since we are still a young company, Timo is involved in all processes as the founder of Sauria.

He has been working as a silversmith for over 15 years. With Sauria, he has fulfilled his dream of making jewelry for people who share his passion for nature and animals.

Timo designs most of the Sauria trinkets. He finds inspiration for this on his travels in deep forests, wild mountain ranges and on tropical beaches.