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Wind, waves, beaches, and the animals of the ocean inspire these pieces of jewelry

With your purchase,
you can now make a difference


in the lives of 20 baby turtles.

Abalone/ Paua

These colorful snail shells create a small unique blue world in each piece of jewelry from their iridescent colors. So you can carry a beautiful reflection of the vast ocean with you at all times.


In many cultures, the spiral is the symbol of change, transformation, lightness, and the inner order of all being. You can find the shape of the spiral everywhere in nature: in the universe, in snails, in shells, in plants, and even our DNA is shaped like a spiral. In our jewelry she will be accompanying you.
The Polaris is the brightest star in its vicinity and points reliably to the north. For centuries, it has been a great help to sailors in their voyages across the oceans. All other stars rotate around it during the night but it does not change its position. Because it stands as a fixed star above the north pole, the rotation axis of our earth.